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Hiring counter help for $8 an hour? Your employee is late to work, always taking time off, leaves early, spends way to much time on their phone, and generally taking up space, but someone has to take the orders? Our solution will not only work 24/7, no time off, no benefits, no mistakes, no complaints, no phone time, take multiple orders simultaneously, and make sure every order is paid for in full before you prepare it, and get it done for less than $1 a day!






$9.99* a month

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We’ve heard the excuses

You have nothing to lose

but new customers



To complicated for my employees:
You run a successful business and we are sure  your employees can fill an order printed on paper that arrives on your fax machine. If not they would not be able to fill an order hand written on paper order ticket
I can’t afford it:
$1 a day is far cheaper than $8 an hour. You can’t afford not to!
My customers won’t use it:
The new customers you need will, because online is where you’ll find them. Your old customers might just surprise you as well. Our society is now electronic and online. You may never know that they left because you were not offering online convenience and loyalty rewards. $1 a day is cheap compared to the cost of losing a customer and missing out on attracting new ones.

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*$9.99 a month for first 3 months with a 12 month agreement and $24.99 a month thereafter. $249 setup charge applies.